Apple recently announced the new iPhone x which is expected to be released early November. It has a lot of tremendous features and has even been termed to be the best of all of apple’s products. As we all eagerly await its release, it is important to start shopping for other items that we may require such as cases for this device or screen protector. This article focusses on the best screen protectors that are effective and also offer the best service for this gadget. Screen protectors have been proven to be an essential accessory and also part of your phone for all the benefits it offers. The following are therefore some of the important factors that you should consider before buying the best screen protector for your phone.

Sunlight Protection

When choosing an appropriate glass protector it is important to select one that allows you to use your phone outside or in bright places. Selecting a screen that has anti-glare qualities that reflects the light away from your phone ensuring that you do not have to keep tilting or covering your phone in order to see. This ensures you can use your phone without actually having to increase the light to maximum. It ensures you are able to fully utilize your iPhone whether indoors or outdoors.

Strength of Material

A good glass protector should have good strength properties that are resistant to a lot things that would harm your phone. It helps protect your phone from an unpredicted fall that could lead to a shattered screen. The only purpose of a screen protector is to prevent your screen from any damage if your iPhone fell on the floor. If by any chance it does not serve this purpose, then it is not strong enough. IPhone x is made of more glass than any other phone and it therefore requires to receive the best protection there is. Strong glass protector therefore saves you a lot of trouble and protects your phone ensuring that you have nothing to worry about if it dropped accidentally. This means you actually get to enjoy your phone.


The texture of your screen protector is very important as it is required to be very smooth. One of the features that best distinguishes iPhone x is how you use your fingerprint to unlock your phone. The texture therefore ensures that the screen is smooth and easy to wipe. It also ensures that fingerprint marks are not left on your phone. The matte screen protection is appropriate as it has all this qualities. It also has anti-glare properties meaning it serves many purposes. It is very thin and fits perfectly on the phone. It also ensures there are no marks left on your screen. It also ensures that your screen is not sticky in the event that you have sweaty palms. It should also be clearly visible and enhance images as iPhone x is termed to have the best retina display of all Apple’s products.


Changing screen protectors regularly can damage your screen and can also be very expensive. Pick out a glass protector is durable and can withstand the test of time. It should be able to serve you for a considerable amount of time before you actually think of getting rid of it. An appropriate one would be the gorilla glass which is pretty long-lasting. A durable glass protector services and withstands the test of time and is not prone to tear.


A good screen protector that has a “privacy mode”. This protector helps to ensure that people do not see what you are doing regardless of what angle they are looking at your phone from. It sort of has a black colour that ensures that you are the only one that sees what you do on your phone. It helps keep prying eyes at bay. It also provides protection for your phones display ensuring it maintains a high image clarity hence the retina display which is viewed as apple’s marketing strategy. This is the best protector to keep away all those people in buses, trains or in queuing lines that tend to be very curious regarding what you are doing on your phone.

Pick out a glass protector that is appropriate and also offers the best. It is a necessary investment that you have to make if you do not want your phone to end up with a broken screen. We all know how uncomfortable and difficult it is using a phone with a shattered glass. Consider all the above qualities before picking out a screen protector that you would love as they ensure that you are well aware of how to protect iPhone. I believe that with the best glass protector you will fully enjoying owning iPhone x.

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